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Persuasive Devices:


When asked to analyze an author's persuasive devices, look for the words in the passage that have strong connotations - words that intensify the emotional effect. In addition, analyze how these words complement the writer's argument as it builds logically. Speeches are often used in this context, since they grew generally designed to persuade.

Different Kinds:

Loaded Terms- Plays with your emotions.
Name Calling- Calls the other person names.
Bandwagon- Says that everyone has it.
Plain Folks- Makes the actor look like a regular person.


Many advertises use glowing, positive words such as "NEW," "Exciting," "wonderful,"
The problem with this is that these glittering words don't tell us much about the product.

"Tide is better than all other detergents."
"Buy Cracker Jacks and receive a free toy inside."

A great example of this is the Nike commercials. The commercials hint to the fact that if you buy Nike clothing or shoes, you have the ability to compete and look like famous athletes.
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